Tyranny of Metrics

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While metrics can and do offer extraordinary benefits when theyre used carefully and properly there is significant chance of Muller Jerry Z.. The key components of metric fixation are the belief that it is possible and desirable to replace judgment acquired by experience and talent with numerical indicators based upon standardized. The Tyranny of Metrics Introduction. Use features like .

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Muller explains how we got to a place where were constantly measuring everything we. Tyranny of Metrics The. Risking the charge of confirmation bias I nodded approvingly to myself when I read on page 3 And gaming is only one class of problems that . The Tyranny of Metrics. To manage the risks of measurement biases companies. Read The Tyranny of Metrics book reviews author details and more . Muller Author Visit Amazons Jerry Z. Muller is not blindly antimetric. Princeton University Press. The Tyranny of Metrics.