The Travels of Marco Polo

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The Travels of Marco Polo is a translated version of that book. on our itinerary was twofold. Marco Polo was born circa 1224 in the Republic of Venice into a wealthy merchant family.

Marco Polo 1254 1324

Achetez et téléchargez ebook The Travels of Marco Polo English Edition Boutique Kindle History Amazon.fr. You May Also Like. The Travels of Marco Polo Ebook written by Marco Polo. At last after travelling for three and a half years the ambassadors returned to the court and bowed low before the Emperor. While he was imprisoned he met a writer from the city of Pisa who encouraged Marco to write of his travels in Asia. Featuring exotic creatures strange customs extraordinary legends and political intrigues The Travels of Marco Polo reveals the fantastical treasures of the East in the words of the legendary. His travels brought him to the court of Kublai Khan and the stories he later told inspired generations of subsequent explorers. Amazon.com Travels of Marco Polo Signet Classics eBook Polo Marco Rugoff Milton Mittelmark Howard Kindle Store. Marco Polos travel accounts primarily drawn from the YuleCordier translation are accompanied by supplementary texts with illustrations on pages that have . The text is comprised of a prologue and four subsequent books. Description The Travels of Marco Polo from valuable early manuscripts recently published by the French Society of Geography and in Italy by Count Baldelli Bone.